With the 2021 National Basketball Association (NBA) season now in the books, DraftKings has reviewed the truncated campaign which saw many twists and turns.

Julian Edlow and Geoff Sheasby took to the Unreasonable Odds podcast to discuss how the season panned out from a bettor’s perspective and what to expect ahead of next season when the competition returns to its full format.

Edlow provided a round-up of the season’s events, with the campaign heavily disrupted by the pandemic, as he noted.

“We’re going to have three months off from the NBA,” he said. “The off-seasons are different now just because of the COVID interruption and going into the bubble. Now, the NBA will get back on schedule. The NBA Draft is a week from us recording this so on Thursday, July 29 will be the NBA Draft.”

However, Edlow conceded that some shocks along the way disrupted his predictions for the 2021 season.

“This was my worst NBA postseason ever since I started publicly releasing plays and writing articles,” he admitted. “Nothing was as it seemed and everybody got injured.

“The Suns could have fallen out in the first round if Anthony Davis didn’t get injured and the Bucks could have gotten knocked out by the Nets if Kevin Durant wore smaller shoes. It was a crazy postseason and not my favourite – there were more highs than lows.”

DraftKings: ‘Highs and lows’ of 2021 NBA season