As legalised sports betting begins to take over the US, many sports teams and leagues are tipping their toes into the water of the gambling industry.

What is it?

DataArt welcomed NASCAR’s Joseph Solosky to discuss how the automotive race series is leveraging sports betting products to drive elevated levels of engagement.

Who is it?

Joseph Solosky, Managing Director at NASCAR

Russell Karp, Vice President at DataArt

Matthew Shatz, Advisor at DataArt

Kevin Twitchell, Advisor at DataArt

What is being said?

Soloksy explained: “It’s a huge technological innovation essentially to offer these in-race markets. If you look at the official data feed that NASCAR provides for our timing and scoring, it’s not balls and strikes.

“If you watched the race this past weekend, for the Coca-Cola 600, you’re looking at a 100th or 1000th of a second that’s separating cars in a lap so having an official feed is vitally important to the sport and to resulting and settling bets. When it’s coming down to that thin of a margin, whether it’s coming down to lap results or just all race results, that official feed is vitally important to the marketplace.”

When asked what held the project back, he noted: “I think it was a multitude of factors. We’ve had our timing and scoring feed up for quite some time and it ran across our daily fantasy partners that used it but to a micro-level of that in-race betting, there was a lot of innovation that needed to be passed along from us and explanations from us in terms of the data feed to the supplier, and then supplier building those markets.

“And not just building markets for the sake of building markets but also building markets that actually were relevant to what a motorsport bettor or a NASCAR bettor would want to bet on so there’s a lot of research that goes into that as well.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about how sports organisations are integrating live betting into their products and leagues.

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Source: DataArt YouTube Channel

NASCAR: In-race markets are a ‘huge technological innovation’