FOXBET: Are the Milwaukee Bucks the team to beat in the East?

The Eastern Conference for this year’s NBA season has not been as competitive as it is today in a long long time. 

There are only 6 games separating the 6th seeded Cleveland Cavaliers and the 1st placed Miami Heat currently. The question on everyone’s mind is, who is going to walk out the East heading into this year’s NBA finals come June. 

Tenured US sports reporter Colin Cowherd joined Jason McIntyre on FOX BET Live to discuss three of the favourites that bookmakers believe have the best chance of winning the Eastern Conference. 

“Milwaukee should be favoured. I think Milwaukee faces Philadelphia and probably in 7 games, beats Philadelphia,” states Cowherd. 

“They have 3 guys who can take ‘the shot’, Giannis, Middleton and Jrue Holiday. I think they have great chemistry, a championship winning coach, they have playoff experience going on these runs for multiple years.”

With the Milwaukee Bucks being tipped as the favourites (+275) to win the East, the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets follow closely, with US sportsbooks having them at the same odds (+350) to make it out of the East. 

Host McIntyre raised a concern over Philadelphia’s chances however, citing coach Doc Rivers as a problem. But Cowherd didn’t believe that to be entirely true. 

“Doc is a guy who can bring the temperature down, players like him, he’s played the game. He’s a therapist, he works the room. There’s value in Doc Rivers. I never look at Doc Rivers as a liability. 

“My biggest knock on Philadelphia, the trade – I didn’t have a problem giving up draft picks, Simmons or Drummond. Losing Seth Curry, that’s why I think they lose to Milwaukee based on their need for another scorer.”

Cowherd and McIntyre also discussed the uncertainties surrounding the Brooklyn Nets, once favoured to easily win the East at the beginning of the season, who now sit as the 9th seed, 11 games back from the number 1 place.