In the latest SBC Webinars Series, security specialists from Cloudflare detail some of the cyber threats faced by the betting and gaming industry, along with the steps operators, platform providers, and suppliers can take to improve their protection. 

What is it?

The online gambling industry is the target of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks, ranging from automated bots carrying out credential stuffing and intellectual property scraping to Layer 3 DDoS attacks.

These threats can cause serious damage to the targeted companies, as reduced network speed and performance have the potential to adversely affect user experience and even result in a loss of business.  

Cloudflare’s online security experts will use the webinar to show how companies can build their protection levels and outline effective solutions to secure online traffic (all OSI layers) against bots and cyber attacks, while improving network reliability and the performance of applications.

Who is it?

Philip Björkman, Customer Development, EMEA Gaming and Gambling, Cloudflare

Stéphane Nouvellon, Principal Solutions Engineer, Cloudflare

What is being said?

Björkman on how bad bots are affecting the gaming and gambling industry: “Typically what we have seen quite recently are bot attacks on logins or registration end points that are running through leaked credentials to try to break into player accounts. 

“Typically player accounts will have digital assets and or monetary assets that can be stolen and then sold on the internet. Within gaming that can be digital assets that a player accumulates over a period of time from playing the game but for online gambling that can be actual monetary Dollars or Euros that can be stolen.” 

Speaking about the webinar, Björkman noted: “The security risks faced by online businesses of all kinds are growing, and the threats have the potential to be particularly damaging to gambling companies. Just imagine the cost of lost business due to a betting operator’s website being taken down or seeing its speed seriously reduced during a major sporting event. 

“It’s vital that betting and gaming businesses act to reduce the risk of being adversely affected by a cyber attack, so the Cloudflare team are looking forward to showing the audience some of the most-effective steps they can take to improve their protection.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain some invaluable insights into countering the growing threat posed by cyber attacks. 

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC Webinar Series: Cloudflare on cyber security within the Betting & Gaming industry