Parimatch Tech is one of the most prominent companies operating in the Ukrainian betting and gaming market today, and the firm’s Co-CEO, Maksym Liashko, was keen to share his views at the SBC CIS Summit last week.

Commenting on Parimatch Tech’s ambitions for the Ukrainian sector, Liashko explained that the company – which is headquartered in the country – feels that it has ‘even more obligations in Ukraine than other operators’.

“We want to create not just a big operator for betting and casino in Ukraine, but we want to create an infrastructure where there will be a lot of other services inside the industry – payments, entertainment, sports.”

The sports betting and gaming landscape in Eastern Europe received a significant boost last year when the Ukrainian government made the decision to reverse a decade-long ban on the industry, enabling firm’s to once again capitalise on the national market.

Although predicting that the Ukrainian betting scene will grow ‘faster than in other European countries’ despite smaller average wagering, Liashko observed that more specific regulations may be enacted during the adoption period.

“There is a big question now in Ukraine with regards to responsible gambling, because of this specific situation with the ban,” he continued.

“We now need all operators, all regulators and all other companies which are near to this market to unite and explain to the country in general how betting or casino can be responsible.”

“It will be a completely regulated market, and for us it is very important to be on this market with other big companies, with other big names to create a competitive market, because only competitive can create the normal rules of the industry and our relationship and our business with the government, because when its only one or two companies its difficult to build this relationship.”

Source – Sports Betting Community YouTube Channel

Maksym Liashko: Ukraine will grow ‘faster than in other European countries’