After the Premier League ‘big six’ withdrew from the hugely controversial European Super League, bookmaker Paddy Power celebrated the ‘real heroes’ of the triumph, highlighting some of the best protest banners in a new tongue-in-cheek video campaign.

The short clip depicts supporters phoning into the ‘Paddy Power Football Banners’ helpline and requesting materials to rebel against the breakaway tournament.

“I need a banner to protest this European Super League and I need it now!” one caller exclaimed, as an image of the flag which was flown over Elland Road during Leeds United’s clash with Liverpool flashed up.

“Certainly, sir,” the helpline operator replied. “We could make you a plane banner costing thousands of pounds or we could scratch something onto card like you’re a budget hotel meeting someone at an airport arrivals lounge.”

Another member of staff from the helpline appeared to be speaking to a supporter requesting a makeshift banner as the worker responded: “Traditionally, we used white bed sheets but we can work with brown for sure.”

One supporter requested a protest sign on ‘a cardboard pizza box’, whilst another caller asked for a banner which called for the sacking of Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke.

“You’ve just got Kroenke as a hashtag – shall I put Kroenke out in tiny letters next to it?” The helpline worker asked. “I think it’ll still work as a hashtag. It’ll still be as powerful, just a bit smaller.”

Next up, an image popped up on the screen of the iconic sign made by one Chelsea supporter which read: “We want our cold nights in Stoke.”

“A genius message,” the helpline worked lauded the catchphrase. “One of the best!”

Meanwhile, his colleague chatted to one supporter who suggested using a cushion as a canvas, as an image of a pillow-turned-protest banner popped up on the screen, to which the worker taking his call noted: “No, we’ve never put a message on an actual pillow before.”

And finally, the ‘punchy’ slogan which appeared on one banner reading ‘fans before finance’ was approved by the helpline work who said: “I love it!”

Paddy Power celebrates ‘real heroes’ of the ESL collapse