In BetVictor’s latest episode of its Last Fan Standing podcast, guests gathered to discuss the upcoming Arsenal Spurs game.

In an argument who deserves the win more, podcast host Flav Baterman said: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go to the Emirates and turn over Arsenal? The likelihood will be a very tight affair but if we win, we go top if City don’t beat Manchester United.”

Co-host Adam McKola then made fun of the apparent smirk on Baterman’s face, saying: “I’ve wanted Spurs to win this game this weekend probably for the last couple of weeks. Now I just really want Arsenal to win. 

“Hearing you talk then just made me think I cannot wait for Arsenal to slap you. Look at your giddy little face. You think you can win the league, don’t you? I hope you lose. Can you both lose?”

With McKola’s lack of grasping that there’s only one loser in a game, it’s important to note that an Arsenal win would be quite significant if they manage to come out victorious. However, their last fiasco against Manchester United brought a lot of confusion about their playstyle.

Podcaster and avid City fan Buvey said: “United can always show up and beat anyone. They’ve got a very expensive squad, they’ve got a manager who’s slowly turning things around. 

“That’s why if it’s not your day, you go to Old Trafford and you make it nil nil. Keep it tight. The fact that they conceded three and got absolutely dominated really made me question Arteta’s style at Arsenal.”

McKola added: “These big games are 50/50. You can lose any of them. But if they lose against both United and Spurs – a lot of questions.”

BetVictor’s ‘Last Man Standing’: Arsenal losing to Spurs will raise a lot of questions