PokerStars has encouraged players to embrace their downtime and ‘find the thrill in chill’, in its new action-packed advertisement starring ‘Alfonso Steele’.

Taking place on a film production set, the advert sees action star Alfonso Steele wrap up a busy day of filming, culminating with a jump from a high-storey building to escape pursuing zombies.

Hitching a ride back to his trailer, the actor takes to PokerStars to enjoy his downtime and ‘strike gold in the moments between the moments’, playing titles such as Book of Ra.

Steele remarks: “I may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m in a world of everything. I’m spinning, scooping, stacking – there’s nothing down about my downtime. No, my downtime is epic, and when I’m in – I’m in.”

However, in an Instagram post, PokerStars also offered another view of the production – from the point of view of their cameraman, who followed Steele throughout the entire take.

At one point Steele quips ‘I may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’m in a world of everything,’ – while Steele may look like he is doing nothing, Poker Stars’ cameraman certainly was doing everything, as he chased the action star through the elaborately designed set, never missing a moment with his camerawork.

The latest edition of PokerStars film-themed series of marketing initiatives, the Alfonso Steele commercial follows a previous campaign featuring Hank Azaria of The Simpsons, who competed in a poker game against several famous Hollywood faces.

For the series of games, Azaria was joined by Amy Schumer, Jack Black, JK Simmons and Jason Alexander and Jon Hamm, in a competition raising money for the Edward Charles Foundation.

Additional entertainment-focused initiatives have seen the online casino group partner with YouTube personality True Geordie, the Newcastle United FC supporting entertainer known for his opinionated views on football.

Source – Which Casino YouTube Channel

PokerStars encourages players to ‘find the thrill in chill’ with Alfonso Steele