Speaking at the SBC Digital North America event, Dave O’Meara, Co-Founder and COO at Spirable, and Daniel Toledo, Head Of Performance Marketing at Entain, shared their views on advertising strategies for sports betting operators.

Commenting on the impact changes in data and privacy laws have had on operators’ online marketing methods, the speakers argued that the media side of advertising is falling outside of marketer’s control.

“That’s not going to shift back, that’s the macro trend,” O’Meara remarked. “What you put out in terms of creative, that’s 100% in your control.

“Levels of targeting and social channels will become even more relevant because their first party data on how a user engages with content within their platform allows them to see what customer’s indicate with and what they interact with.”

He added: “Making that creative more relevant – updating offers, countdowns or game schedules, making that creative work harder, and being more relevant – focusing on that ‘future proofs’ you to a certain degree because you have the most control over that element.”

Building on the speakers’ comments regarding creative advertising, panel moderator Joe Streeter, Editor of Payment Expert, asked Toledo to go more in depth on the development of these marketing strategies.

“In reality, everything you have on site, every piece of data you have available, you can push it on a creative,” he responded.

“The main challenge is making those creatives as appealing as possible, to still reach an audience that has an ability to engage with your creative to make sure that the journey is still relevant for people and make sure that for me, as an advertiser, does not have a lot of wastage in my spend.”

However, Toledo remained cautionary about changes in data and privacy policy and the impact this could have on both marketing and on the customer experience.

“With the privacy talks that are happening and the changes that we are seeing I think that advertising will be more broad, and I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good experience for the customer,” he stated.

Source Spirable Marketing YouTube Channel

Dave O’Meara: Creative advertising is 100% within marketers control