In the latest edition of the SeventySix Capital Leadership Series, Meredith McPherron discussed the development of sports betting in the US and the impact this can have on creating a more personalised experience for fans.

What is it?

The conversation between host Wayne Kimmel and guest Meredith McPherron revolved around various topics, including the opening of the US sports betting market, the relationship between gambling and sports, and entrepreneurship.

Who is it?

Wayne Kimmel, Founder and Managing Partner of SeventySix Capital

Meredith McPherron, CEO of Drive by DraftKings

What is being said?

Discussing the increasing liberalisation of betting regulations in the US and the impact this has had on fan engagement for sports, McPherron said: “It’s really refreshing, honestly, that we can connect with others in our community, whether small, medium, or expanded, and talk about it and have fun.

“It does actually make it a more exciting, interactive, engaging, and personal kind of experience when you can lock into a team or a player with good humour, great fun and some competition. You can connect with others around it and if you want to, place a bet. And why not? 

“We place bets every single day on so many things that we do in life, so getting it out of the shadows and into the mainstream and being able to embrace the passions that we have for the game, for the people and for everything in between.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain an understanding of the development of the US betting and gaming sector and its connection with the country’s extensive sporting industry, as well as hear insights from a seasoned entrepreneur.

Where can I see more?

Source: SeventySix Capital YouTube Channel

McPherron: Betting makes sports more interactive and engaging