Perhaps the biggest fixture of the Premier League opening weekend is Manchester United’s clash against rivals Leeds United in the famous War of the Roses.

Discussing the future, in addition to other Premier League and footballing topics on the latest edition of bettingexpert’s The Big Stage, Rory Jennings and Joe Ryan shared their views.

“I think it’s a fantastic game and a brilliant way to announce the Premier League, it’s huge. There are certain game that will be steeped in posterity forever, and this is one of them – this is the War of the Roses, its Lancashire vs Yorkshire, its Leeds vs Manchester United, it’s Charlton vs Bremner, the war that goes between the Pennies – it’s huge and I love it.

“I honestly think that Leeds could get a result here, if they channel the spirit of Jermaine Beckford and actually get a result, which is going to be hilarious. There are lots of Manchester United fans who are currently with Adam McKola, and he is consistently whispering in my ear telling me that 21 is coming. 

“If Marcelo Bielsa can get a result at Old Trafford on Saturday morning it would almost end that conversation they’ve got – I’m all for it.”

Commenting on the team’s predictions for the Premier League title race, Ryan noted that the consensus was that this year’s campaign is ‘City’s to lose’, with both the host and Jennings agreeing with Wayne Bridge that Manchester City were deserved favourites to lift the trophy once again.

Noting that at the time the video was filmed, Harry Kane’s rumoured transfer from Tottenham Hotspur to Manchester City has not been confirmed or completed, Ryan asked Jennings how much of any impact this could have on the Cityzen’s title hopes. 

Interestingly, the defending Premier League champions clash with Tottenham Hotspur this Sunday in their first fixture of the season – and perhaps the second most defining match of the weekend after the War of the Roses – and Kane has not been seen at Spurs’ training sessions – lending credence to rumours that he is on the move.

“If he goes to City they will win the league. If he goes then there is no competition, and they will score 40 goals,” Jennings asserted. “If he doesn’t go I don’t think there is such a chance, as I think City have stood a bit still.

They have brought Jack Grealish in, which raises the tide a bit because of the enthusiasm that comes with a new signing, but ultimately they have stood still in terms of ability – Harry Kane changes all there, and if he goes there it is over, more so than in any other season. I believe he will ultimately end up there but he won’t feature in this game.”

Taking a break from talk of predictions and transfer rumours, Ryan took some time to discuss fantasy sports, giving tips to prospective virtual managers on how to get results and triumph over their friends or colleagues. 

Ryan encouraged players to maintain confidence and not give up when playing fantasy leagues, no matter how far behind they may be, whilst also advising enthusiasts to pay attention to the upcoming schedule when selecting their team.

Additionally, the host noted the importance of maintaining composure when making transfer decisions, noting that points are lost if more than one transfer is made per round, resulting in unnecessary point losses and slips in the rankings.

Source – bettingexpert YouTube Channel

The Big Stage eagerly awaits the War of the Roses