In the semi-finals of the Oaks Greyhound Races last Thursday, SkyWalker Cilla beat the defending champion by four lengths.

In the Star Sports Zoom Room podcast, Brendan O’Neill, Agent to the Greyhound’s Owner Ray Patterson, claimed that after missing her break of Thursday night, Cilla recorded a ‘phenomenal’ time.

‘She showed a massive boot into the bend, and she’s taken to the track, thank god. She seems to like the longer ones, they suit her, she’s a great bitch you know’, he stated as he lauded her performance. 

Even with the added hurdle of travelling to the final, Patterson claimed that the dog takes this ‘in her stride’, claiming that she is a great traveller.

“Travelling with an animal can take it out of them, so we’re very lucky that she is this way, so far so good,” O’Neill added.

The praise comes ahead of tonight’s final, which Cilla is well-backed to win, and is currently priced at 8/11. 

Cilla has drawn in track four of the final, just outside of the defending champion Ballymac Trend, and O’Neill explained that people have suggested that Trend can ‘take a step right’ – which he is unsure about.

“I haven’t seen enough of her to comment. All we can do is worry about our own dog and get her there in one piece. Anything can happen in the final and I know that better than anybody.”

Star Sports: SkyWalker Cilla has ‘set the standard’ in every round