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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport has pledged £300 million to safeguard professional sports’ immediate future. 

Confirmed in its ‘Sport Winter Survival Package’, emergency funds will be made available to sports governing bodies to distribute to clubs and organisations that have been affected by the ongoing COVID pandemic.

UK racing has secured £40 million reserved for ‘racecourse management’. The UK Greyhound Board of Great Britain will receive £1 million to protect its stakeholders and safeguard the sport’s welfare through the winter period.

Mikel Arana, Director-General of Spain’s DGOJ has urged Congress to support his initiative to introduce changes to the ‘Gaming Law’ in order to reclassify ‘loot boxes as games of chance’,

The DGOJ is reportedly seeking guarantees that loot box laws and gaming protections will be included in the next phase of federal gambling reforms sanctioned by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

The Government will draft the final text of the law during the consultation period, which aims to be published by mid-2021, focusing amendments on aligning responsible gambling standards and consumer safeguards.

Gemma Collins has partnered with PlayOJO in a campaign to raise awareness for Safer Gambling.

The campaign poses as a faux perfume advert for Collins stating ‘addiction with no smell’. The smell being an acronym for the various signs of problem gambling including sleep, money, extreme, losing and lying. 

You can find more on the story at Gamblingtv.com

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SBC News 90: Racing amongst sports to receive winter survival funding