Victoria sees pokies crackdown following gambling reforms

Gambling reforms are sweeping across Victoria, which will see mandatory closing hours, slower spin times and smaller spending limits. 

Introduced to minimise gambling harm, these new measures were announced by the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, alongside the Gaming Minister, Melissa Horne, and will target electronic gaming machines in the state. 

On the reforms, Andrews noted: “These reforms will provide the strongest gambling harm prevention and anti-money laundering measures in Australia. We owe it to all Victorians to take this stance and help those experiencing harm turn their lives around.”

Under the changes, which went live on Sunday, slot and poker machines, also known as ‘pokies’, in Victoria will require pre-commitment limits and carded play. 

In addition, players will have load-up limits. This will determine how much a single customer can put into a gambling machine at any given time capped at AUS$100. This is a steep drop from the previous AUS$1,000.