With the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup underway in the US, Australian firm Sportsbet has released a guide to cricket for their US counterparts.

The advert features “the Grubs”, Sportsbet’s team of very average local cricketers, who are trying to “teach the Yanks how to play the gentleman’s game”

Set in a baseball stadium, the Grubs demonstrate the concept of wickets, runs and barehanded catches to a confused baseball fan.

They also attempt to explain some of the intricacies of the game such as the fact a wicket can mean the stumps in the ground, the pitch the game is played on is and a batter getting out.

Being an Australian company, Sportsbet even managed to include a jibe about Jonny Bairstow’s infamous run-out in last year’s Ashes series.

Paddy Power release Euro 2024 advert

Sportsbet is part of the Flutter Group and fellow Flutter brand Paddy Power unveiled their own advert earlier this week ahead of the 2024 European Championships

Featuring Danny Dyer and Peter Crouch, the advert celebrates England being “Europe’s favourites” to win the tournament by poking fun at the perception of England football fans across the continent.

Sportbet release a US guide to cricket