With the upcoming Formula One (F1) season on the horizon, the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new possibilities for the sport, as the race series looks to engage existing fans along with a new audience.

Speaking on the SBC Webinar, ‘Bridging the gap between Formula 1 and live betting’, Sportradar duo and industry leaders discussed how in-race data can power real time betting opportunities whilst also increasing engagement and retaining viewers’ attention.

What is it?

After the coronavirus crisis ground Formula One and racing in general to a halt, media firms and gambling companies alike had to find new ways to reach out to fanbases. Ahead of the 2021 season, which will include a full schedule at regular intervals, how can the two industries work together to enhance their data and content offerings?

Who is it?


Dalraj Bahia, MD of Operations for Betting & Gaming at Sportradar

Hamish Bicket, Director for Sports Content & Partnerships at Sportradar

Luke Massey, Head of Media at SBC

Sportradar is a leading global sports data and content provider which works with various media companies, international sports federations and leagues, and betting operators across the world.

What is being said?

Commenting on the recent advancements within the sport, Bicket explained: “Formula One is really trying to grow its fan engagement – we’ve seen that with what they’ve done through the Drive to Survive Netflix series. That has been incredible in allowing both fans and non-fans to have a window into the Formula One world and to understand the demands placed on the 20 Formula One drivers.

“The betting possibilities is another way for Formula One to engage with its fans – in-race opportunities allow them to do that. Typically, you have a younger generation of fans which are looking at their second or third screen during the race itself. This partnership is something that we can do to help redirect their attention back to the betting opportunities in-race.”

Why should I watch it?

To gain a deeper understanding of how the sports and betting sectors are becoming increasingly intertwined and integrated.

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Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Sportradar explores F1 ‘betting possibilities’