Tackling a ‘super competitive landscape’ can be daunting for some sportsbooks and betting companies, but striking a balance between establishing a brand and product promotion is proving to be a key tool for operators when negotiating engagement and user acquisition strategies.

What is it?

Speaking on the first episode of the new SBC Americas and HPL Digital Sport webinar series – Reach & Retain Dynamic Marketing for the Long Game – industry experts delved into how sportsbooks can diversify their offerings through product promotion.

Who is it?

Ed Moed, CEO of HPL Digital Sport

Phil Leif, SVP of Marketing at HPL Digital Sport

Steven Astrachan, VP of Marketing at Fubo Gaming

Eitan Rosenberg, US Marketing Lead at 888 Holdings

What is being said?

Leif noted: “I think there are two ways sportsbooks can differentiate themselves. The first is from the media and content side, and that relies on the sportsbook having something interesting to promote – something beyond the typical offers that other people are shouting about. 

“Coming with something from a content point of view that is entertaining lets you break through that wall of ‘ok, how am I fighting commodity promotion after commodity promotion’. You still need those types of promotions, but once you have people in your funnel, you can hit them with the DR stuff. 

“The other way is by finding something really novel to do. You can find offers which will generate press, or you can find something really silly and quirky to do.”

Why should I watch it?

To understand how sportsbooks and betting operators can stand out from the competition through engagement with audiences.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

HPL Digital Sport: Differentiating between product and brand promotion