According to Ed Moed, CEO of HPL Digital Sport, as the market continues to shift, it becomes increasingly vital for firms to ensure that whatever their company does, it is focused and has the ability to build.

Speaking to Mollie Chapman at SBC Summit North America, Moed underlined that as ‘choppy waters’ potentially loom within the sports betting market, it is vital that firms understand who is engaging with their offering. 

He also highlighted the importance of knowing how competitive the space is, particularly as the NFL season slowly shows itself on the horizon. 

In terms of finding balance between progress and navigating periods of turbulence, understanding which consumers are buying the product and engaging with a firm’s offering, as well as gaining a deeper insight into why they embrace the products is vital, stated Moed. 

He pinpointed the NFL season as something firms should be eyeing and planning around, as they create an ecosystem for bettors or operators to utilise. 

“Smarter companies are figuring out new and innovative ways to reach their customers that go beyond traditional advertising,” exclaimed Moed, as he pointed to operators using influencers as an alternative path to reaching their audience. 

John Libro, Partner at Cardinal Sports, followed up by underlining just how powerful the duo have become since they have combined, bolstering the efficiency of how they enable firms to strike partnerships. 

The duo also spoke about the Accelerator Program, a collaboration between HPL and Cardinal Sports, to combine skill sets and create a ‘one-stop-shop’ of advice and consultancy for their clients.

HPL Digital Sport’s Ed Moed: Understanding your target market is crucial