As different countries begin to introduce varying regulations regarding internet and data privacy, this has created a unique challenge for many operators, who must now comply with multiple legislative requirements.

What is it?

Max Shrems is a leading lawyer in the field of data privacy, having famously initiated a legal campaign against Facebook for its violation of privacy laws – such as transfer of data to the US National Security Agency (NSA) and breaking of European regulations.

Additionally, Shrems has been involved in cases against tech companies such as Amazon and Apple Music, and is also the founder of the NOYB – “None Of Your Business” non-profit organisation.

In a recent webinar by Internet Vikings, Shrems provided an overview of European and American law regarding privacy and internet data, highlighting the increased regulation of the internet, what this could mean for businesses and what ‘practical steps’ these enterprises could take.

Who is it?

Host – Chris Muntz

Host – Peter Ekmark, CEO of Internet Vikings

Host – Stefan Thelberg, Founder and CEO of Holm Security

Speaker – Max Shrems, Founder of NOYB 

What is being said?

“Globally, the internet was not regulated for a long while,” Shrems stated. “Basically it was a virtual space that law felt was outside of national boundaries. Now we see the opposite, we are seeing more and more regulation to regulate everything online all over the place and every country does that in parallel, and usually not in a coordinated manner. 

“We will see more and more legislation and that will conflict more and more. I think that will for certain lead to more data localisation because as a company you will simply not be able to comply with two or three rules at the same time if they are conflicting with each other.”

He added: “It’s not unrealistic to say at least in the European Union we managed to have one system with the GDPR, and other areas are similar so there isn’t much divergence, but then in the Chinese market they will demand that you forward them all the data, and that basically leads to different systems that are split somehow, which is not desirable but I think will happen more and more. 

“My hope is that we’re going to get some Western countries who say ‘no spy agreement,’ or however you want to call it, that says ‘okay we all agree that there can be a free flow of data, but we also agree that we will have these baseline guarantees to not spy on each other like crazy’. I think that’s the only way forward, but it has to come out of the industry, especially in the US.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights from a seasoned legal professional in the data rights and privacy space regarding the future of internet regulation, and the impact this could have on the operations of businesses.

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Max Shrems: ‘Internet privacy policy must come from the industry’