Speaking at Parimatch’s PM GO: Go Global! conference, Grigory Bakunov discussed the positive implications that technological developments can have on businesses.

Who is it?

Grigory Bakunov, CTO, Vice President of Technology, Parimatch 

What is being said?

Regarding the increased decentralisation as a result of technological changes, Bakunov remarked that this could be very beneficial for businesses, saying: “The current setup of internet and technology is very centralised. We are almost always tied to servers or some specific cloud where everything happens to work. This decentralisation is a way to stop being dependent on centralised services, not only as a developer but also as a user.”

One of the most important technological changes for businesses, however, he argued, is the onset of what he termed ‘deemploysation’.

He continued: “First, we’re going to see a lot of overhead, a drop in quality growth effort but for business, it’s overall a good thing, because the person who’s implementing this function, or maybe even several people who are implementing this function, can actually select the best candidate and this person could live anywhere in the world. 

“All they need is a computer, the readiness to understand the task and the readiness to implement the function in a way that it works just like you want it to. This actually allows us to make the implementation cheaper, up to the point where you can make two or three competing implementations and select the best candidate, plus you can re-commodify this function and set it up in a store.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights form an experienced figure in technological developments about what positive impacts changes in this space could have business operations.

Where can I see more?

Source – Parimatch YouTube Channel

Grigory Bakunov: The positive impacts of technological ‘deemploysation’