Last week the UK Government announced the start of the long-awaited review into the Gambling Act 2005. 

This SBC Webinar gathered a group of industry experts to discuss the review and identify some of the areas in which the current Gambling Act falls short of being fit for purpose.

What is it?

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport is preparing to hear evidence on issues including the role of the Gambling Commission, player protection, advertising regulations, the future of the land-based industry, and the prevention of underage gambling. 

The expert panelists assess which of those areas have the potential to have the biggest repercussions for the gambling industry and its stakeholders?

Who is it?

  • Brigid Simmonds – Chair, Betting and Gaming Council
  • David Clifton – Director, Clifton Davies
  • Adam Rivers – Director, KPMG Economics 
  • Andrew McCarron – Managing Director, SBC (moderator)

What is being said?

Simmonds: “If I could comment on that affordability issue, we have been absolutely clear with the gambling commission this is a very short consultation response, given that this is Christmas and we actually have to respond by the 12th of January, we believe the responses should be extended by a month. 

“I also think that the Gambling Commission appreciates that there are two sides to this, the first is that they are a non-departmental independent body, they are independent to the government, so having the government tell them what to do is not really how that system should work. But, I think they are also conscious that it is a big issue. 

“What I think we absolutely need here is the voice of the consumer, because it’s the voice of the consumer who is going to say ‘if asked for my bank statement or my tax return, is that going to mean that I go off to some unregulated market, that doesn’t ask me for those questions’.

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about the review of the UK’s gambling legislation.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC Webinar: The UK Gambling Act Review