Sporting Narratives is GamblingTV’s exploration into a time when a gripping sporting story was told through the art of cinema. 

The latest edition looks at a sports documentary that has stolen newspaper headlines since its release this month – as Amazon provided a unique look into the story of former England and Manchester United captain, Wayne Rooney. 

The no holds barred story looks at the most controversial chapters of Rooney’s career, as the fiery striker was thrust into stardom at the age of 16 and subsequently had to deal with all the implications as he navigated holding the nation’s hopes on his shoulders. 

For football fans, it’s a real must-watch, looking at what led to Rooney eyeing a move away from Old Trafford and also his chequered relationship with former Red Devils’ Manager Sir Alex Ferguson. 

Underlining the venom and ruthlessness of Rooney on the pitch, there’s a scene in which he reveals his anger at potentially dropping the league title to Chelsea, which saw him change his studs and subsequently injure England teammate John Terry, with a ferocious tackle. 

Furthermore, the 113-minute feature also details how his career has impacted his private life as he has navigated significant media attention and numerous scandals to continue being a doting dad and maintain a stable family life. 

Directed by BAFTA-winning filmmaker Matt Smith, the documentary features interviews from some of football’s most recognised figures, who had the best view of Rooney’s rise, including; Sven Goran Eriksson, Thiery Henry, David Moyes, David Beckham and Gary Neville

Sporting Narratives: Amazon Prime’s Rooney – A dramatic look at the life of England’s leading goalscorer