In the latest edition of the ESI Digest, Esports Insider discussed all things regarding new, record sponsorship tie-ups, the growth of mobile esports and Southeast Asian Games’ latest esports announcement.

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Tom Daniels, Sub-Editor at Esports Insider

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Discussing Guild Esports’ – the esports organisation co-owned by David Beckham – multi-million pound agreement with sandwich franchise Subway, Daniels noted: “This is a huge and significant deal for Guild Esports. It obviously builds on the HyperX partnership and still this unnamed sponsorship from a financial firm which was meant to be announced in November. Either way, it is still a huge deal to have a brand like Subway affiliated with an esports organisation, especially one that has only been going for just over a year.

“A lot of people have their doubts over Guild with a celebrity going but they’re building a solid team around them. Having partnerships like this solidifies the importance of marketing your brand.”

Next up, Daniels offered his view on ESL’s move into mobile esports, and the announcement that the production company will form its own mobile ecosystem: “This is a massive initiative by ESL to essentially develop mobile esports even further. We’ve talked about the potential implications could be with Mobile Legends and Moonton being purchased by ByteDance but this is a clear esports intent by ESL to develop this sector.

“It’s definitely worth keeping an eye on how ESL Mobile sponsors their tournaments throughout each individual region, and to see what the viewership will be for each of those regions as well. I’d probably expect Asia-Pacific to have massive viewership and probably a lot of the sponsors but how are North America, Europe and Mena’s ecosystems going to compare?”

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ESI Digest: Landmark sponsorship deals and the expansion of mobile esports