Last week in episode 23 of Esports Insider’s ESI Digest, Sub-editor Tom Daniels covered the WePlay Esports and Oleksandr Usyk launch in WUFL.

What is it?

Also covered in last week’s Digest is the news of ESL hosting Wild Rift tournaments in Malaysia and Thailand next year, FATE Esports and Orange’s new training facility, LuckBox’s debut on the TSX Venture Exchange, plus Red Bull Racing Esports’ sim racing facility.

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Who is it?

Tom Daniels, Sub-editor, Esports Insider 

What is being said?

“ESL have announced that they will be running Wild Rift Tournaments in Malaysia and Thailand as an official partner of Riot Games throughout 2021. While I would say this isn’t significant to a lot of people because it is in Malaysia and Thailand, I think this is an indication of how we’re going to see even more Wild Rift Tournaments be created.’

“It’s a big partner I think to have in that region, ESL have already said that they have wanted to have even more of a global expansion and I guess tapping into Malaysia and Thailand is one way of doing that. In addition ESL will also host a collegiate Wild Rift tournament in Thailand next year as well. They also explained what the competitive circuit would be.” 

Why should I watch it?

To be up to date with the latest news in the esports industry. 

Where can I see more?

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ESI Digest: WePlay Esports and Oleksandr Usyk launch in WUFL