The latest edition of Esports Insider’s Industry Podcast dives into the developments of blockchain into the sector.

For this episode, host Kerry Waananen invites Matt Rutledge, Co-Founder of esports gaming initiative BAYZ, to talk about what people can expect from the emerging sector of blockchain gaming and the potential this has of transforming the whole gaming industry.

“There’s a bit of a stigma from some gamers amongst their opinions on blockchain gaming and the role of crypto and NFTs, and whether they agree that they ought to be incorporated into video games and if there’s a value,” said Rutledge.

“Why I personally just really believe in the future of blockchain gaming is that it really comes down to ownership going to the players. We’ve been playing video games for decades, we’re used to buying skins and all these digital assets, but we’ve never actually truly owned any of them. We cannot just give it to somebody else, or trade it, let alone sell it.

“Blockchain gaming really sets up this beautiful model where ownership goes to the players, and the people that are benefiting are not just the developers that generally would take 100% of the proceeds that go into these games. It would be distributed amongst the players. We’ve only seen the tip of this iceberg of what this industry is capable of,” Rutledge concluded.

BAYZ: We are currently seeing the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of blockchain gaming