Ever wondered why Pringles are esports players and gamers’ favourite snack? G2 Esports and the snack brand’s parent company join the Esports Insider Brand Showcase to discuss the coming together of the two brands and what makes the collaboration so successful.

Who is it?

Sabrina Ratih, Commercial Director at G2 Esports

Andreas Billker, Senior Marketing Activation Manager at Kellogg Deutschland GmbH

The ESI Brand Showcases invite select esports rights holders and their brand partners to the stage to present on a successful collaboration.

What is being said?

Discussing how G2 Esports became one of the most widely recognised esports organisations, Ratih said: “Besides our competitive success, for us it’s super important to be relevant and entertaining. Because we were so diligent in that, we were really able to translate the brand love into engagement. We are one of the most watched and talked about esports clubs globally. In terms of social relevance, we’re the number two globally which is insane when you think about how young we actually are.

“I think this is down to not only our competitive success where we’re doing really well in all of our titles, but it’s also because of our storytelling approach. That means our fans are just attached to us, to G2, even if we lose or even if there’s no game for a couple of weeks or months.”

Billker added that esports represented the crisp brand’s ‘target group perfectly’: “At Pringles, our mission is to bring people together and create unexpected fun moments for our consumers. I believe that says it all and that’s why I’m here today because bringing people together and unexpected fun are synonyms for esports. We really focus on gaming and esports as one of our two priorities for our brand engagement already in 2017.

“Actually, gamers love Pringles! They’re perfectly designed for gaming thanks to the unique and always same shape so it’s easy to grab them with one hand. They are much less greasy and crumbly than our competition. From research, we know that gamers are appreciating exactly these characteristics and that’s what makes Pringles the number one snacking brand in gaming in the UK and Germany.”

Why should I watch it?

To learn about the formation of partnerships between esports organisations and sponsoring brands.

Where can I see more?

Source: Esports Insider YouTube Channel

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