From ‘massive’ sponsorship deals to ‘all-star’ showdowns, the ESI Digest from Esports Insider runs through some of the week’s biggest stories from the world of esports business.

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Tom Daniels, Sub-Editor at Esports Insider

What is being said?

Discussing the ‘next level’ partnership formed between Betway and G2 Esports, Daniels said: “The two-year agreement will see Betway and G2 Esports collaborate on a series of fan-focused promotions, focused on encouraging growth across multiple channels. This is expected to include co-creating show matches, live streams, fan activations, giveaways and a variety of other video content.

“What makes this deal very interesting to me is that this is G2’s first gambling-based partnership since 2018, when the organisation teamed up with for their first foray into esports betting and fantasy.

“One of the key points from the article that Adam Savinson did say is that the G2 partnership is going to have a distinct and innovative activation plan, which is tailored specifically towards the fanbase.

“Now, we’ve seen a lot of collaborations with Betway – they’ve partnered a lot in CS:GO, most notable with Blast Premier – and we’ve also seen recently, G2 have really upped their activations with Adidas being one of them among others. I think it will be intriguing to see what these activations are but given the notoriety of how both of these brands collaborated with previous partners, I do think that this could be a very interesting sponsorship deal.”

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ESI Digest: Betway and G2 Esports sponsorship is ‘massive’