BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich spoke with SBC about the rise in popularity of esports and the new wave of bettors that it brings with it.

Talking about the rapid development of the industry over the last few years, Ehrlich said: “The pandemic times were a milestone for esports development. It shortened the journey by three years. 

“Surprisingly or not, even when it was over and all the major leagues were back to delivering regular content, esports is still growing. There are very fundamental sets of assets that players are looking for.”

Ehrlich also mentioned the importance of understanding the esports audience, as he was asked about the audience crossover that now bets, plays and watches esports.

“This is quite marginal,” he said. “If you think you can convert a football bettor into a league of legend one, it’s very unlikely. The recipe for success here is not to try to convert, but to try to be appealing to this new audience. Speak the language, design the website, and find the right affiliation. Make sure that the visual language is targeting this specific audience. 

“We can see some of our customers doing it very well, and others that are very conservative. In five years, companies that cannot adapt to target esports customers will find themselves in a very bad situation.”

BETER’s CEO also commented on the company’s recent partnership with esports data analyst Bayes, saying that real-time tournament data is the only way to ensure a good product offering. 

“We just recently extended our partnership with Bayes. They are one of our key partners when it comes to esports, providing real-time of all the major tournaments in the world. We believe that there is no other way to provide a best-in-class product if you don’t have real-time data from the tournament itself.” 

BETER’s Gal Ehrlich: ‘Bad situation’ awaits companies not integrating with esports