DATA.BET – the importance of offical data and lower bet delays

Speaking at this year’s ICE London 2023, DATA.BET’s CPO, Alex Kozachenko, expanded more on the company’s recent link-up with Bayes Esports, as well as delving into the firm’s aim at improving the average bet delay in esports. 

The link-up with Bayes Esports will see the esports supplier provide ‘Esports Data Feed’, its data product, to DATA.BET, allowing the latter to be able to offer its partners an improved number of covered events and better data accuracy.

“Those guys have a very big portfolio of tournaments that they offer official data to,” Kozachenko claimed. “There was no way that this partnership wouldn’t happen because at DATA.BET we believe that official data is the only source of reliable data that there is. This allows us to make that line better and more consistent.“

As it stands, according to SBC Media’s Viktor Kayed, who conducted the interview, the average bet delay in the esports segment is between six to eight seconds – DATA.BET on the other hand, offers “significantly less time”. 

On this, the company’s CPO stated: “It is something that’s beneficial to gamblers themselves. They can place a bet and if the bet delay is lower the harder the probability of the odds to get settled more or less instantly. There are no refunds and there are no negative emotions when the player is playing. 

“For the bookmaker, it is a very important aspect because as its players are happy with the data and bets being settled, they do not lose their players and the turnover increases.

“The only way to decrease the latency and decrease the bet delays is getting reliable data that you would get directly from the venue or from someone who has this data proposal, like Bayes or GRID. 

“If your latency is as low as it technically can be when you’re getting data from official sources you have the capabilities to decrease the bet delay.”

In the video, Kozachenko also expands on how important obtaining official data is for the integrity of esports and the impact of AI when it comes to data collection