In a live webinar titled ‘Hitting moving targets: How US operators can nail the mobile experience’, Xtremepush’s Sports Betting & Gaming team demonstrated a modern, software-driven approach to data management and looked at how brands can use said data to drive revenue through smarter, personalised player engagement. 

Who is it?

Brandon Asgeirsson, Business Development, XtremePush

Ger Adlum, Content Marketing, XtremePush

Victor Sevcluc, Head of Sales (Sports Betting, Gaming), XtremePush

What is being said?

When talking about the evolution of mobile betting Sevcluc commented: “I think if you then look at Europe and what’s happening, players become more educated as they become more transient they start shopping around for different bonuses. The UK players have an average of three accounts, so each player has an average of three different accounts to three different operators.

It kind of shows you the importance of making your player experience superior and that includes simple things like the amount of clicks it takes to place a bet which has always been important. 

One of the things we were talking about actually is the biometric logins, the fingerprint login on your mobile device because if you have three different accounts and you’re trying to place one of those real time bets you have 30 seconds and if you’re a responsible person you have three pins on three different apps. 

If you have that then you’re guaranteed to forget and get frustrated and it can be just as easy as that fingerprint. That could be the difference between a player selecting your app over others.”

Why should I watch it?

Shown on Day 2 of Betting Sports America – Digital, this webinar teaches you about the size of the mobile betting opportunity in the US, where mobile betting is possible now and how this will develop.

It demonstrates why mobile is the key to in-play betting, how the US learn from European operators about mobile betting, some top UX and UI tips for optimised mobile experiences and the most important mobile engagement use cases.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Xtremepush: The US mobile experience