Two years on from PASPA, this video taken from Betting on Sports America – Digital looks into how Tribal Gaming, renowned as ‘one of the biggest players’ in the US gambling environment,  are viewing the sports betting opportunities currently available in the States and gaining insight into the experiences from those who have already embraced the product. 

Who is it?

Dr Brian Wyman, Principal Consultant, The Innovation Group

Conrad Granito, General Manager, Muckleshoot Casino

Marcus Yoder, SVP of Sales, GAN 

Sheila Morago, Executive Director, OIGA

Vik Shrestha, Senior Director of Business Development, IGT PlayerSports

What is being said?

Wyman speaking on the jurisdictions which are of most interest right now: “From a tribal gaming perspective the one that I am obviously looking at the hardest is California and that’s fascinating for a number of reasons, not even just the revenue potential which is out of this world in terms of the figures on it.’ 

“Let’s take a step back and to my point before let’s think about regulation, let’s think about legislation you’ve got something like 60 tribal entities that have casinos in California and it’s just a massive number and I’m thinking down my vendor list right now and trying to get to 60 and I’m not going to do it.’ 

“It’s going to be a really interesting landscape of what the deals look like that are cut between tribes and the vendors and vendors with deals with multiple tribes. What if it’s a mobile environment, what if it’s not a mobile environment. What if the regulation delays mobile for a couple of years or does something like Illions did and forces all the brands to be underneath the umbrella of the casino company.”  

Why should I watch it?

To understand more about the current tribal landscape in the US in 2020 and what the future could hold for it. 

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Sports betting and the tribal gaming ecosystem