As industry experts descended on the virtual conference room at this week’s SBC Digital Latinoamérica, the SBC Leaders panel addressed the untapped potential of the Latin American market, explaining why education, customer experience and engagement with punters is key.

Who is it?

JD Duarte, CEO of Betcris

Andre Gelfi, Managing Partner Brazil at Betsson

Richard Schwartz, President of Rush Street Gaming

Rosalind Wade, Co-Founder of Asia Gaming Brief

What is being said?

When quizzed on what opportunities that the Latin American sports betting market can bring for operators, JD Duarte explained: “The world is only so big, and Europe, that’s already been fought over by everyone. Asia is, I think, an enigma for anyone who’s not from there. 

“Latin America poses a very interesting opportunity, because of the passion I believe that people have for sports. And actually, how big a role, the sports played in knowing the culture of everyone in Latin America. And it’s not only football or soccer – as the Americans call it, because any sport, Latinos embrace.”

Andre Gelfi highlighted the importance of a ‘personal interaction’ between a bookmaker and its punters, noting that in order to succeed within the region, operators must create a seamless user experience alongside a stand-out product.

He said: “It’s about generating a great experience with a unique product so we are basically following this philosophy, down the line. And just to adapt to the product perspective, as Latinos  we like especially at the beginning to have a very personal interaction. 

“So, the way you interact with your audience needs to be very close. If it’s not really formed you need to be creative, because at the end of the day, I think that the audience, especially with a new value proposition, is expecting from you. It makes a difference for you to be very close to your audience and to generate a great experience from day one.”

Engaging with players is important, but for Richard Schwarz, it is key that betting operators also work on retaining players: “In increasingly competitive markets where we have a lot of brands and a lot of products, a lot of companies competing to attract the player, of course once you’ve attracted them you need to retain them.

“I think a lot of times, having your own technology platform like we [Rush Street Gaming] have really helps because you can constantly innovate, improve things, get feedback from the players that are implemented in the technology itself to prove it.”

Concluding the main discussion and drawing attention to the importance of educating bettors, Rosalind Wade remarked: “Competition is really good for everybody. As long as everybody’s playing by the same rules, it makes you up your game, it makes everybody up their game. 

“It’s in everybody’s interest to improve the market and as you say to educate the players, make sure that the regulation is supportive of the industry as well as protecting citizens etc. Ultimately by sharing information by teaching people how to do things well you know you’re improving the general market.

Why should I watch it?

To learn more about the Latin American region and the challenges that operators face.

Where can I see more?
Source: SBC YouTube Channel

SBC Digital Latinoamérica: Understanding the intricacies of the LatAm region