What is it?

Thanks to technological advancements in the past decade the world of trading and risk management has come on leaps and bounds. However, Alternar’s eyes are cast to the year of 2030 looking at what the future of sportsbook looks like.

Dinos Stranomitis, Director and COO at Altenar, thinks that the future for sports betting lies in the development of software that can independently adjust probabilities based on the availability of data. He talks how trading and risk management strategies may change and what is needed to happen in order for this change to occur.

Who is it?

Dinos Stranomitis, COO, Altenar 

Altenar: Altenar is a provider of sportsbook software and services to licensed gaming operators. Ranging from ‘software-only’ product offers to the provision of a fully-managed sportsbook platform stack, Altenar offers proven stability coupled with a flexible and personalised service. Our software is developed and operated in-house, whilst being powered by premium quality data feeds.

What is being said?

Stanomitis: “I do believe that in 10 years time, trading and risk management will be significantly different. I think that there will be software where you can input all of the details of every game including information on every participant and their overall ability. 

“The software can then generate suggestions for probabilities, which usually produces the pricing. Any news that then comes out on a particular fixture will be taken into consideration by the programme, which will then adjust the probabilities. It is simple as that.”

Why should I watch it?

Looks at how trading and risk management strategies may change and what is needed to happen in the forthcoming years in order for this change to occur. He talks about official data and the future of bookmakers. After the unpredictability of 2020 and uncertainty created it’s a refreshing outlook on the industry’s future. 

Where can I see more?

Source: Altenar YouTube Channel

Altenar: What the year 2030 holds for Sportsbook