Delasport: how personalisation addresses player loyalty problem

The gaming industry has some catching up to do when it comes to effective personalisation, and Delasport is positioning itself at the forefront of efforts to change this.

While attending the SBC Summit Barcelona, Delasport’s VP of Business Development, Rosaire Cavallaro, sat down with SBC Media to take us through the company’s approach to personalisation.

“Personalisation has been used as a gimmick for marketing, and it should not be seen like that. It should be seen as a way to engage, attract and mostly retain players,” he explained.

“When it comes to personalisation, unfortunately the gaming industry as a whole, we still lag behind a bit when you compare to other industries like the streaming industry, for example.” 

In an ever-digitising and rapidly developing landscape, betting and gaming companies have been increasingly onboarding lessons from other sectors, such as finance, fintech and streaming.

Regarding the latter, Cavallaro pointed to Netflix as a prime example. The company reduced its search rates from 90% to 10% within a decade by personalisation, saving time for its customers in the process.

Delasport is striving to do the same in gaming, making use of its MyCasino and MyEvent Builder platforms. By giving players the choice over content, this increases retention and satisfaction.

“We’re all aware that customer loyalty is very, very rare these days,” he said. “If I go to a brand and don’t find the content that I want, I’m not going to go back. The focus on personalisation, in a proper way not to just mention the word, the better the engagement and the longevity of the player.”

Also providing SBC with insights into Delasport’s product launches and recent innovations, Cavallaro offered a snapshot of what the company has planned on the horizon – namely “new deals, new markets, new features”.

He summarised: “We’re going live soon with two licences in Ontario, a very interesting market, and we’re also launching another licence in Estonia, and we’re also looking at various other markets to go in, namely South Africa.”