Social media became an essential communication tool reaching audiences during the various COVID-19 lockdowns, as all global advertisers were forced to abruptly revise their marketing strategies.

What is it?

The session titled ‘The Role Of Social Media’ taken from SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital’s day three Marketing & Affiliation track looks at how social media can help the industry communicate with an audience, develop user-generated content and also have an impact on SEO. Furthermore, the panel also addresses the greater concerns around gambling’s reach and what the industry’s presence on social media should look like.

The session looks at the industries social media strategies during the pandemic looking at whether 2020’s unprecedented events saw industry operators maximise their social media channels. It also looks at how the industry can find balance between advertising their products and fulfilling their key advertising duties related to safer gambling. 

Who is it?

Thomas Ash, Sr.Client Partner Lead – Sports Betting and Gaming, Twitter

John Cole, Category Lead – Sport & Gambling, LADbible Group

Chris Harrison, Industry Head – Finance Trading & Egaming, Google

Ben Jeffries, CEO and Co-founder, Influencer

Kirsten Openshaw, Head of Digital Media and Social, Mr Green

What is being said?

Ash: “If 2020 has taught advertisers anything, is that they have to be ready to just keep adapting to their audiences needs.

“Twitter saw a huge shift in advertisers trying to connect with audiences directly targeting their sentiments, over advertising profiles.

“People could not expect brands to maintain a normal tone of voice during a global lockdown. Brands were forced to take a people-first approach, that had to become an integral part of their marketing mix.”

Why should I watch it?

To get a better understanding of industry advertising social trends throughout the pandemic. 

Where can I see more?

Source: You can see more at SBCs YouTube Channel 

Social media gambling trends during COVID-19