At the SBC Digital Italy Summit the panel session ‘recovery, retreat or restart?’ looked at the Italian betting landscape since 2018, as operators have faced consecutive tax increases, a blanket ban on advertising/sponsorship, tougher compliance controls and a predatory government and regulatory agencies.   

What is it?

Facing Europe’s toughest regulated market conditions, betting leadership will be forced to revise their Italian options, as international operators question market status against calmer markets opening up. 

Meanwhile, a continued political backlash could have a substantial impact on the growth prospects of Italy’s heritage operators.

The session looks at how constant regulatory interventions had ‘made the market disorientated’. 

It also provides an outlook on 2021 trading and the impact the introduction of the 0.5% turnover tax on all sports wagering verticals had on operators and discusses the future of market growth in the region.

Who is it?

Carlo Di Maio, Managing Director, Gamenet Group

Alexander Martin, CEO, SKS365

Filippos Antonopoulos, CEO, OKTO

Christian Tirabassi, Senior Managing Partner, Ficom Leisure

What is being said?

Antonopoulos: “We have to judge the market through the eyes of the regulator.”

“For Italy, the pandemic has changed many pre-conceptions of the market. Whilst Italy needs urgent innovation, the regulator is concerned about player anonymity and problematic gambling.

“Retail agents have always tried to ring fence the player away from digital operations, which is a hard custom to break as Italian betting operates on a franchise model”.

“We should approach this as a restart for Italian gambling. However, the betting shop must be thought of as an ally for operators, as they stand as a secure entry point for many consumers.”

Why should I watch it?

To see how the Italian market has worked with a regulatory landscape that is continually shifting and what this means for the future of the market.  

Where can I see more?

Source: SBC YouTube Channel

Filippos Antonopoulos: ‘Italy needs urgent innovation’