Creativity in collaborations has become integral in the growth of brands and maximising their links with sporting organisations. 

Director at Connecting Brands, Russell Yershon, is well-positioned to host a discussion between industry leaders at Betting on Sports Europe on how they activate sponsorships to ensure that they gain maximum exposure within a saturated market. 

Challenged the brands and rights holders to ensure they get the maximum from their rights – citing the link between LV Bet and the National League, which allowed fans to play on the pitch and provided ‘a money can’t buy experience’ for those fans.

Keegan Pierce, Global Network Delegate in UK & Ireland at LaLiga, followed this up by outlining it’s crucial when brands enter into partnerships with sporting organisations, they should understand the philosophy of their partner. 

He went on to highlight the importance of digital and also having a clear understanding of a goal when it comes to collaboration between LaLiga and different brands. 

Isabel Hale, Head of North Division International at Catena Media, also underlined the importance of partnerships not being neglected after they are agreed upon, ensuring that collaboration goes beyond just the signing of the deal. 

She followed up by emphasising the important role of players when it comes to activations, as well as the challenges that are presented for this approach as regulatory frameworks intensify in the UK. 

That being said, as ‘a new generation of savvy sports fans’ continue to follow players, engaging with player assets on a digital scale is a challenge, she underlined. 

Utilising iconic stars is also key for Pierce, as he pointed out one of the key avenues for integrations is the LaLiga ambassadors programme, which brings the competition closer to partners through the integration of legendary players. 

The matchday also provides a key moment for unlocking audience engagement, as Hale stated it is key to give the fans a platform to voice their opinion. 

Carlo Di Maio, CEO Romania at Fortuna Entertainment Group echoed this sentiment by outlining just how fruitful the matchday period is for partnership exposure, particularly when the game is broadcasted on television. 

He also detailed the importance of monitoring the team performance and understanding the mood of the club to ensure that the brand is not damaged by their output. 

Pierce concluded the panel by praising LaLiga’s collaboration with Premier Sports in the UK, which represents a unique approach to media rights for the league, after their renewal earlier in the week.

BOSE: Creative avenues in maximising partnerships are crucial