As a huge game from the Premier League looms this Saturday lunchtime, 888Sport looked ahead to the battle between title favorites Chelsea and Manchester City this weekend. 

In a repeat of the Champions League final, it also marks a collision of two of Europe’s best footballing minds as Pep Guardiola and Thomas Tuchel look to outfox each other once more. 

Off the back of a Champions League final victory last time out against City, football commentator and avid Chelsea fan, Rory Jennings revealed his belief that Tuchel ‘terrifies Guardiola’. 

He stated that Guardiola overthinks things when it comes to Chelsea – something that he believes stems from a fear of Tuchel and what his next move will be. 

Nonetheless, Steven McInerney of Manchester City Fan Channel, EsteemedKompany underlined his belief that the City boss does this against all the big sides, with it being a sign of respect rather than fear. 

‘Right now, he has got Pep’s number, but let’s see how this season goes’ McInerney added as excitement heightened for the clash this weekend. 

He went on to underline that he believes motivation will be heightened for this weekend’s clash as City will be eager for revenge over the blues after last season’s heartache. 

Jennings was then keen to underline have improved this season – particularly citing the addition of Romelu Lukaku to the Blues’ frontline.