The positioning of esports within the sportsbook product has come under increased debate as it has evolved as an offering, particularly as its popularity elevated during the pandemic. 

Speaking at the SBC Summit Barcelona 2021 Sam Wright, a B2B marketing specialist at Pinnacle Solution, emphasised his belief that that esports audience is ‘so much different to anything out there’. 

He added that he feels if you give them something ‘authentic and trusted’ that esports can truly be a ‘gamechanger’ in boosting engagement and expanding to a new audience. 

Wright went onto underline the importance of in-person events, as they set the foundation for what the firm plans for its future development,  with strategy and policies shaped by real-time feedback that is only available at events. 

To conclude, Wright also revealed the exciting plans for the Pinnacle Cup and how the group is looking to grow the offering in the coming year through new collaborations.

Pinnacle’s Sam Wright on ‘gamechanging’ esports offering