Following a typically turbulent week in British politics, as we are on the cusp of two by-elections, Johnny Ward and William Kedjanyi analyse how the maelstrom of negative headlines have impacted political betting markets. 

Kedjanyi takes a deeper look at the implications of the controversy surrounding Owen Paterson, the former North Shropshire MP, who was ousted last week over lobbying issues. 

A key focus was what it means for Boris Johnson’s premiership and whether he can retain his status following continued criticism over his leadership of the Tory party, specifically as we are also on the cusp of the potential triggering of Article 16. 

Furthermore, the pair also discussed what Labour leader, Keir Starmer can do to close the gap and pitch himself as a potential leader as Boris’ approval rating tumbles.

Star Sports – Tory turmoil leads to fluctuations in betting markets