A battle for fourth place in the Premier League has intensified as Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool have broken away into a three-horse race for the title. 

The latest edition of 888sport’s the Eye Test analysed where the battle for Champions League football will be won and lost when it comes to guaranteeing a place in next season’s competition. 

Manchester United fan Flex underlined that the ‘fire fighting’ ability of new interim Manager Ralf Rangnick, gives the reds a real chance when it comes to gaining ground over their rivals in the race. 

Steven McInerney, Manchester City fan, revealed that he feels it’s too early to assess the chances of Arsenal, who under Arteta and with a youthful squad, are a ‘work in progress’. 

Meanwhile, Flex lauded the signings of Arteta, which were initially ridiculed by many fans in the Summer, however, have turned out to be fruitful for the Gunners. 

Spurs fan Abbi Summers detailed her belief that a lack of depth may halt the progress of London rivals West Ham, a side that on paper that she believes are better than Arteta’s Arsenal. 

Podcast host, Jennings all but ruled out Leicester for the race – as he underlined that Brendan Rodgers continues to fall at the last hurdle. 

He was also the only panelist that selected a side other than Manchester United to make the top four, as he paid homage to the in-form West Ham and their gaffer David Moyes. 

888sport: Ronaldo and Ralf can guide Manchester United to the top four