In the three years since the repeal of PASPA, it has become abundantly clear to firms in the US that state-by-state differences are hugely important when coordinating operations.

For Erik Nyman, President, Americas at EveryMatrix, development of localised products is a key factor to consider when implementing a US betting and gaming strategy.

Discussing localisation at the SBC Summit North America at the Meadowlands Exposition Centre, New Jersey, Nyman pointed to how the process can be applied to both casino and sportsbook, whilst requiring a strong degree of flexibility as well as data and intel support. 

“A successful game in Europe will most likely be successful in the US as well,” he explained. “But what I have identified over the years is that branded games tend to be more successful in the US market. Players become more familiar with that kind of content, especially those who are new to the world of gambling. 

“I also think that looking into localised jackpot content, for example a jackpot which is tailored to the nine million people in New Jersey, is also very very important. This content should then differ to the content which is available in other states. There is a lot of data to analyse to see what best fits your product. That’s not just applicable to casino, but for sports betting too.”

Continuing to focus on a state-by-state approach, Nyman focused on EveryMatrix’s own strategy in the US, in which the company first established a foothold in the well-established gambling market of New Jersey.

“The first market we decided to enter was New Jersey, where obviously a lot of the platform deals are done,” the President continued.

“There are new players coming into a quite dense market, so New Jersey has been very much beneficial for EveryMatrix to start selling our casino content that we build in house, and then build relationships on that. 

“In new states like Indiana or Iowa, we have a unique day one opportunity, where we can sell our entire turnkey and be a turnkey provider where we have various products – our casino management system; Oddsmatrix, which is our sports book; and GamMatrix, which is our PAM –  it presents various opportunities depending on customer requirements.”

Erik Nyman: The success of localisation and branded games in the US