Ladbrokes has launched its latest advertising campaign, featuring a number of people playing ‘keepy-uppy’ with a balloon.

As described by Emmy-nominated Director Sam Brown, the advert follows ‘the most epic game of balloon keepy-uppy drawing an entire city to play’.

Starting off in an organised office, the scene quickly turns to complete pandemonium as a red balloon floats by, prompting the entire workplace to pursue it across a city to prevent it from hitting the ground as more and more onlookers join in and more balloons enter the fray.

No promotion or reference of slots, games, jackpots or bonuses that have featured predominantly on casino adverts have appeared in the advert, with the campaign instead aiming to promote Ladbrokes Casino’s new tagline ‘We Play Together’, to the tune of Norwegian indie rock band The Laundrettes’ ‘Let’s Go’.

The commercial made its online debut on Friday 17 September and its television debut the following night during Channel 4’s broadcast of Deadpool, whilst also being distributed across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Azerion and Verizon.

Dominic Grounsell, Ladbrokes MD for UK and Ireland Digital, commented: “We love this film and can’t wait to see it air across digital and TV. It’s a campaign that is all about community, shared fun and entertainment, and brilliantly brings to life our strapline “We Play Together”.  

“It’s also the first time that anyone in our industry has launched a brand-led campaign for casino and gaming but reflects the confidence that we have in Ladbrokes as an entertainment brand.”

Balloon is the third campaign developed for Ladbrokes by London creative agency Neverland. The firm was initially appointed to lead the development of its headline advertising campaign for this summer’s UEFA 2020 European Championship, as well as the ‘Drummers’ campaign ahead of and during the current Premier League season.

Noel Hamilton, Executive Creative Director of Neverland remarked: “Sam and the team at Rogue truly knocked it out of the park once again. This film was incredible to shoot and is one hell of a ride.”

Ladbrokes launches ‘epic balloon keepy-uppy’ advertising campaign