888sport The Eye Test: Is Guardiola a better manager than Sir Alex Ferguson?

With one of English football’s fiercest rivalries approaching this Sunday between Manchester City and Manchester United, 888sport’s ‘The Eye Test’ raised an interesting debate. 

In a short space of time at Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has won three out of five Premier League titles and a myriad of other domestic cups. He is claimed to be football’s best manager in the world and one of the greatest of his generation, but is he better than Manchester United icon Sir Alex Ferguson ever was?

Widely regarded as football’s greatest ever manager, Ferguson spent an incredible 26 years at Manchester United winning by far and away the most trophies won by a manager in the sport. 

Host Rory Jennings, Flex, Steven McInerney and Ade Oladipo discuss who the better is during their respective times during Ferguson’s period at Manchester United and Guardiola at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Manchester City. 

There’s praise for how Ferguson became a footballing giant with his ability to develop youth and win trophies. The same praise is levelled at Guardiola, but will the Spandiards’ longevity come close to the Scotsman’s?