888sports The Eye Test: Who is the most hated player in Premier League history?

You can’t please everybody. There’s one thing that football fans probably love more than liking a player, disliking a player. 

Whilst football players compete at the highest level, they are not afraid to turn up the theatrics to get the crowd riled up. 

888sports ‘The Eye Test’ help Ade Oladipo, Flex and Steve McInerney release their dislike to numerous players, whether that be through club rivalries or because they simply do not like that player. 

The 888sports panel goes through current players who they are not fond of, Andrew Robertson and Wilfred Zaha in particular, before the conversation moves onto past players who got on their nerves. 

Joey Barton and El-Hadji Diouf were mentioned as players who were notoriously disliked, but panel also highlighted players who fed into the hatred like Diego Costa