In a special edition of Barstool Sports’ Sundae Conversations, Caleb Pressley went to Dubai to interview Hasbulla.

In what has become a key series for Barstool, Pressley moved slightly away from the satirical tone he normally takes with the show and gave fans an opportunity to find out more about the much loved Hasbulla. 

From Hasbulla’s love of cars, to his rivalry with Abdu Rozik, the discussion covers a whole host of topics –  even descending into chaos when the combative Russian throws hands at the Barstool host. 

In spite of him having grown into a global megastar, the interview was Hasbulla’s first as he mapped out the origins of his fighting style. 

He then described Rozik as a clown and teased a future fight between the two, as his rise to stardom has escalated at a rapid rate. 

“If you’re a man, you have to be ready at all times, regardless of whether you have been training or not. You have to be ready to pop off. So really, my life is training,” Hasbulla exclaimed as he offered a war cry to his rival Rozik. 

Barstool brings in Hasbulla for special edition of Sundae Conversations