In a new interview for SBC’s Gambling TV, Pariplay MD Adrian Bailey talks strategy, specifically the role that BtoBet will play as the latest brand to become part of the Aspire Global family.

According to Bailey, hopes for the collaboration are huge, with ambitions to add “as much content onto our aggregation platform as possible”. 

Explaining further, he noted: “We have understood that content should not be limited to only slots. Today the volume of slots is becoming enormous and the slot market is becoming extremely convoluted – and there’s not so much originality. 

“So companies are not launching all the new slots that are coming out. A few years ago – every new slot that was coming out, there was this big race from operators to launch it. So the challenge for an aggregator today is to try and bring value.” 

Bailey believes that introducing additional products can bring value to Pariplay. “And because of that we do have huge hopes on expanding our range of customers and making it easier for operators to grow,” he said.

Talking about the integration with BtoBet and what it will mean for operator partners going forward, Bailey stated: “We have a whole range of partners that range from sportsbook operators to casino and bingo operators. Each one has their own opportunity in their own space.  

“What this means is that if you do not have a sportsbook today, and you’re integrated with Pariplay or Fusion, the effort in order to launch a sportsbook becomes something that’s consumable. The challenge has always been that if you wanted to launch a sportsbook it’s a huge business decision. It’s enormous.”  

What Pariplay is trying to do, said Bailey, is make the process “very easy and very manageable”. He advised: “It’s not just a question of the integration, It’s also a question of the operation. So, together with this partnership, you can deal with BtoBet – they can give you a fully managed solution which encompasses everything. 

“And on a technical level you can essentially switch it on like it’s another slot. It comes in an iframe so it’s very easy to consume, technically. Essentially within three to four weeks you can be writing a full sportsbook in any market that you require.”

To watch the full video interview click HERE.     

Pariplay’s Adrian Bailey: hopes are huge for BtoBet partnership