Glen Goldstein, Executive Vice President of TransUnion, outlined the company’s strategy to transfer knowledge from the UK market into establishing a more refined online gaming market in the US.

Speaking on Transunion’s initial arrival in the UK, Goldstein said: “We got into the UK gaming market quite early – when the regulators came in and online gaming became popular. 

“It really stipulated that they wanted the operators to manage responsible gaming but didn’t provide a lot of clarification as to how. TransUnion was working with both the operators and the regulators to try and come up with a framework.”

On one of the key topics revolving around online gaming, Goldstein commented that responsible gaming in the US remains underdeveloped, but that the overruling of PASPA has opened many opportunities for this to change.

He added: “The rules are not written yet, so what we’re tempting to do is to take our expertise and work we’ve done with operators and regulators in the UK and transfer that experience to help the US, so that the market hopefully is able to develop a bit more faster and safer for everyone involved in it.”

Giving a brief outline of the challenges operators should be wary of when approaching the emerging online gaming space in North America, the TransUnion EVP concluded: “The biggest challenge for operators in such a competitive market is trying to make a great player experience from the beginning of the interaction with someone. 

“So, minimising friction in onboarding, while still trying to make sure that you onboard a customer safely at the right gambling limits, etc. And really that you know who’s on the other end of the transaction.”

TransUnion takes expertise from the UK to improve US online gaming