The 16 federal states of Germany recently agreed on the implementation of the State Gambling Treaty (Glucksspielstaatsvertrag 2021 – GluStV 2021), an interstate treaty regulating the German betting and gaming industry.

What is it?

In a recent webinar by Gaming in Germany, Willem van Oort spoke to three expert speakers about the dynamics of the new legislation, providing an overview of the political situation, detailing the significance of responsible gaming measures and highlighting the strengths and limitations of the new regulations.

Who is it?

Host – Willem van Oort, Gaming in Germany

Guest – Dr Jörg Hofmann, Saarland University

Guest – Professor Tilman Becker, Managing Director of the Gambling Research Centre, University of Hohenheim

Guest – Mauro de Fabritiis, Founder of Mdf Partners

What is being said?

When asked about the current situation regarding the German State Gambling Treaty, set to come into force on 1 July, Dr Hofmann remmarked: “Applicants will have a chance to get sports betting licences but of course the new law will be applied to them. Those licences are already granted, they will be madness – as you know there are some changes in the future law in particular, the stake limit of 1000 will be replaced by a deposit limit.

“I don’t think this will take place on day one, 1 July, I think licenses will be amended in time, step-by-step, because they expire at the latest by the end of 2023. This is a provisional regulation as part of the new interstate treaty, so the license holders have to wait and see if the regulatory contacts them and amends the license.”

Building on Hoffman’s comments, Professor Becker discussed the political context of the new State Treaty, as well as outlining its strengths and weaknesses.

“The new regulation will enter into force on July 1 this year, and then the new regulatory body will take over earliest in the beginning of 2023,” he stated.

“This is regarded by many stakeholders as a weakness. At best, this means an experimental phase of one and a half years for the gambling authority and at worst this means a prolongation of the present situation, which is characterised by no enforcement of the rules. This will harm those providers interested in legal offers and benefit those providers who do not care about the rules.”

The Professor also detailed the political context of the new treaty, explaining: “You have to understand that the treaty is a political compromise between the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats, along this line – the calls for opening the internet for slots and casino games are very ambitious with responsible gambling measures. 

“This has to be conceded by the Social Democrats, and the Christian Democrats wanted to open, whilst the Social Democrats wanted to have more ambitious, responsible gambling measures and the treaty is a compromise. The treaty extends to Responsible Gambling measures to all games, affiliated with the risk of addiction, like self-exclusion.”

Why should I watch it?

To hear insights from three experienced academics and gambling industry experts, detailing the political situation regarding the implementation of the State Gambling Treaty, after a turbulent year for the German betting and gaming market.

Where can I see more?

Source – Gaming in Germany YouTube Channel

German gambling regulations a ‘political compromise’