Chief Business Development Officer at Blue Guru Games, Liam Mulvaney, revealed the company’s growth strategy, alongside his views on why Malta is so popular among the iGaming industry.

“It’s a historical thing,” Mulvaney said in an interview for SBC. “Having the MGA licensing system started everything. Malta immediately became extremely attractive. A good 15 or 16 years ago we saw a flourish of operators and suppliers raised in Malta.”

Besides the introduction of new regulations, Mulvaney mentioned a few other factors that he believes have ignited Malta’s image as an iGaming hot spot

“I think it’s mainly due to the fact that it’s English speaking, everybody is well-educated, so you get access to an employee selection that is extremely useful for what you’re doing. There is of course the weather, which is certainly less grey than other places. 

“We also have a lot of qualified people, a lot of important people within the industry who are based in Malta. It will be interesting to see how the next few years will evolve.”

Staying on the topic of looking into the future, Mulvaney shared what the team behind Blue Guru has currently set its eyes on: “Ontario has been the highlight of discussions. It’s a big market and it’s one of the first that will have European operators versus North American operators vying for the same player base. It’s never happened before, so I think that would be interesting to see.”

Mulvaney added: “Then, of course, there’s North America in general. For us, I think it would be an extremely important market within the next coming years. 

“We’ve seen how the games have developed, we’ve seen how it has become the largest market  for some of the biggest suppliers out there as well, so we hope to be able to get in there and show North American players our content.”

Blue Guru Games looks forward to “never before seen” Ontario launch